Homework Options in math

Math Homework Options

Spend one hour a week on your math practice. You may choose what and how you want to practice, but you must log a goal and a reflection each week. At times, I may recommend a particular homework assignment if I can see you are struggling with some concept and would benefit from practice. These will be recorded as pass/fail and be reflected in your work habits on your progress report.

Homework will be recorded weekly in google classroom.

  1. Khan Academy, suggested beginning course: PreAlgebra
    1. Must have Inga as your coach, class code: CVEWPZ

  1. Expii.com - this is a great site for solving problems. Sign in and choose a path. This will require letting me know what you are up to! : )

  1. RegentsPrep. Regents Prep does not have videos, but does have excellent explanations and quizzes. It starts at algebra so it is recommended for those who already have a strong foundation in pre-algebra.  http://regentsprep.org/Regents/math/ALGEBRA/math-ALGEBRA.htm

  1. Sudoku or other math games. If you need suggestions let me know. If you do Sudoku, or other games, please bring in your completed game (if you do it on-line, send me the screen shot!)

  1. Worksheets - if you prefer, I can give you a set of worksheets to complete during the week based on what you want to complete. I will provide the answer key so you can self score and evaluate your progress.

  1. Math Team
  2. Logic Puzzles

Everyone will be asked to complete a fluency quiz and record their time and accuracy and give a short analysis.

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