Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Introduction to the basics of geometry

Week of Sept 19

This week the learners started working in table groups learning about points, lines, and angles. They are working through problems to help them become confident at accurately labelling geometric figures as well as understand the relationships between angles. They are also practicing finding the perimeter and areas of rectangles and complex shapes made of rectangles.

The heart of this new unit will be next week when we use what we know about angles to justify why there are 180° in a triangle. Some learners are ready to use algebraic expressions and equations to solve problems with angles and perimeters, others are still working other strategies.

I also introduced "note-making" this week. There is a lot of vocabulary to learn in mathematics, in addition to skills and concepts. Every learner will have the responsibility to take notes from text handed out and during mini-lessons. In an effort to help these notes become more meaningful, and therefore more memorable, to the learners, they are required to personalize the notes.

Finally, we established the homework options for math class. For more information on this, please see the tab heading - Homework Options - at the top of this blog page. I am tracking their progress on their goals in google classroom.

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